Probation / Violations

If a juvenile is placed on probation, the court will impose certain conditions upon the juvenile. This may include drug and alcohol testing, payment of fees, and participating in community service. The court may also order the parents to comply with certain terms while the juvenile is on probation.

If the juvenile violates the conditions of probation, a probation violation hearing will be held. At his hearing, the juvenile has many of the same rights as he or she does at trial; however, the juvenile does not have the right to a jury at a probation violation hearing, and the prosecutor must prove, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the allegations regarding the probation violation are true (as opposed to the higher “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard applied at trial).

If it is found that the juvenile violated the terms of probation, the court may warn the juvenile, modify the existing probation order, or remove the juvenile from the home or current placement. If the juvenile is removed from home, he or she may be placed with a relative, in a foster home, or in a residential placement.