Parent Complaints

This page is designed to provide important information to parents who are having difficulty with their children, and are seeking the court's assistance to address issues such as truancy from home, truancy from school, and incorrigibiity.

Parent complaints must be made in person, and you must bring your child with you. The court is located at 1025 E. Forest Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207 (just off of the I-75 expressway).

Service Referrals may be obtained in room 348 of Building B, Monday through Friday from 9:00a.m. to 3:30p.m.

To file a Formal Complaint, please call 313-833-1598 to schedule an appointment. Please bring your child's:

  • birth certificate
  • social security number
  • medical insurance information
  • last report card
  • any other documentation you may have regarding counseling services or other services your child has received.

This information is very useful in developing an individualized plan of action to address the issues at hand.

While the child is the primary focus, the parent may be required to participate in various aspects of our program in order to achieve the greatest impact.

Please note that we cannot detain your child based on your complaint. The goal of this program is to keep children in the home, while working to correct their behavior and enhance family life. You and your child will be interviewed, assessed, and may be referred to a community provider. This may or may not involve formal action by the court.