Adoption & Juvenile Guardianship Proceedings


The mission of the Adoptions Unit is to help ensure permanently bonded family units through the timely completion of parental rights’ termination, formal placement into approved homes, adoption finalization, and the delivery of efficient post-adoption services.

For assistance with filing an adoption matter in Wayne County, please click here.

You may also contact the Wayne County Adoptions Unit at:

313-833-1880 (phone)
313-833-7033 (fax)


The Court may order that the permanency plan for a child be Guardianship. The caseworker assigned to the Neglect case will work with the proposed guardian(s) to complete the necessary paperwork.  The Petition for Guardianship will be heard by the same judge that is handling the Neglect case.  Once all of the necessary documentation is provided, the Court will schedule a hearing.  At the hearing, if the Court finds that guardianship with the propose guardian(s) is in the Best Interests of the Child, an order will be entered appointing them as guardian. Guardianship papers will be issued.

If you have questions regarding your juvenile guardianship case, please contact the Administrative Assistant for the Judge assigned to the case.

Judge Virgil C. Smith (Marsha Philpot): 313-833-0737

Judge Karen Y. Braxton (Darlynn Covington): 313-833-1776

Judge Jerome C. Cavanagh (Clarice Mehundrew): 313-833-4985

Judge Christopher D. Dingell (Blanca Garcia) : 313-833-1770

Judge Edward J. Joseph (Alicia Green): 313-833-1567

Judge Frank S. Szymanski (Patricia Mitchell): 313-833-0662